“[The] Carbon Dividends Plan is the step we need to take—for our environment, for the economy, and for the future.”

Hoosier Times

Shannon Kohl
Former Mayor
Martinsville, Indiana

“This Republican-backed plan presents the GOP a golden opportunity to combine sound policymaking with smart politics.”

-Northwest Indiana Times

Drake Abramson
Chairman (2020-21)
Indiana Federation of College Republicans

Supported by a broad coalition of stakeholders, the carbon dividends solution offers the best opportunity for a bipartisan breakthrough on climate.

The plan that will keep Indiana manufacturing in the driver’s seat.

The Baker-Shultz Carbon Dividends Plan and its Border Carbon Adjustment will allow US industries to leverage their carbon advantage and outcompete foreign production.

Energy intensive US industries, like steel, are uniquely positioned to gain a competitive advantage from a Border Carbon Adjustment.

For example, when a sheet of steel is produced in America to manufacture a car or truck, it typically generates less than half the emissions per ton than a steel sheet produced elsewhere in the world.

This means U.S. steelmakers will gain from a domestic carbon fee and border carbon adjustment, and that translates into more economic growth and American jobs.

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Over 60%

of Hoosier Republicans agree that we should hold other countries accountable with a Border Carbon Adjustment.

Source: American Viewpoint

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A Climate Plan Like No Other

Cuts U.S. Carbon Emissions In Half By 2035
Makes The Majority Of American Families Financially Better Off
Unlocks American Innovation
Grows Our Economy Without Growing Government
Compels China And India To Act
Cuts Burdensome Regulations

Who We Are

With the Baker-Shultz Carbon Dividends Plan, Indiana can lead the country toward a cleaner, safer and more prosperous future. The time to join the climate conversation is now.

Hoosiers for Carbon Dividends Founding Members

Ron Grooms
Former State Senator, District 46

Cindy Ziemke
State Representative, District 55
Owner, The Brau House

Rick Niemeyer
State Senator, District 6
Ranking Member, Environmental Affairs Committee

Jim Merritt
Former State Senator
Former Senate Majority Caucus Chairman
Former Chairman, Utilities Committee

Drake Abramson
Chairman (2020-21), Indiana Federation of College Republicans
Lake Station

Ron Alting
State Senator, District 22
Chairman, Public Policy Committee

Carlton Anker
Regional Director, Young Conservatives for Carbon Dividends

George Gemelas
Executive Vice President, Students for Carbon Dividends

Mark Bowman
Chairman, Brown County Republican Party
Owner, Tramcore Realty

Liam Putz
Chairman, Indiana Federation of College Republicans

Thomas Chaplain
Chairman, Indiana High School Republicans

Darren Reese
Chairman, Grant County Republican Party
President & CEO, SESCO Group

Chris Elmore
Chairman (2020-21), Indiana High School Republicans

Luke Thomas
President, Perry County Council

Chairman, Perry County Republican Party

Bryce McCullough
Treasurer, Indiana Federation of College Republicans

President, Wabash College Republicans

Matt Stachler
NW Vice-Chair, Indiana Federation of College Republicans
Turning Point USA Campus Coordinator
West Lafayette

Chris Mitchem
, Leadership Development Committee, Marion County Young Republicans

Makenzie Binford
Chairwoman (2022-23), Indiana Federation of College Republicans
Political Director, Monroe County GOP
President, Indiana University College Republicans 


Hoosiers For Carbon Dividends Founding Statement

Strengthening the economy and protecting the environment don’t have to be mutually exclusive. We can achieve both through a bipartisan climate solution that ensures the brightest possible future for Hoosiers.

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